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Postcards from Kyoto - Sweet destinations: Kagizen Yoshifusa and Inoda Coffee 191 year 4 weeks ago
Onigiri (rice balls) 1851 year 5 weeks ago
Mailorder merchants that ship Japanese goods worldwide 161 year 5 weeks ago
Deconstructed Tomato: Tomato gelée with tomato coulis 41 year 5 weeks ago
TV: Fear of Fanny - resurrecting Fanny Cradock 31 year 5 weeks ago
Paddington Bear eats Marmite! 11 year 5 weeks ago
7 non-food things 91 year 5 weeks ago
Dried veggies and more (kanbutsu) in The Japan Times 81 year 5 weeks ago
Pondering macrobiotics 221 year 6 weeks ago
About shokupan, or Japanese sliced bread 271 year 6 weeks ago
Wafuu Pasuta (wafuu pasta): Japanese style pasta 231 year 6 weeks ago
Christmas in Japan, Switzerland, elsewhere 131 year 7 weeks ago
Japanese Cooking 101: Final thoughts, or what was the point? 821 year 7 weeks ago
Almond Poodle 41 year 7 weeks ago
My take on why Japanese people in Japan don't get that fat 261 year 7 weeks ago
Homemade Umeshu (plum wine) and Ume Hachimitsu Sour (ume honey-vinegar drink) 431 year 7 weeks ago
The Supersizers Go ... Regency 151 year 7 weeks ago
Japanese grocery stores in other places 201 year 7 weeks ago
Samosa-like lentil snacks 271 year 7 weeks ago
Rafute and Rafute Rillettes: Fun with Okinawan pork belly 151 year 8 weeks ago
Japanese country style stewed eggplant or aubergine (nasu no inakani) 191 year 8 weeks ago
Red, White and Blue Dessert 141 year 8 weeks ago
The guilt trip on the way to Japanese shokupan (it's just sliced bread...) 601 year 8 weeks ago
100 Japanese foods to try 671 year 8 weeks ago
Postcards from Kyoto - Surfaces, Keibunsha and conclusion 161 year 8 weeks ago

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