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There really is a butter shortage in Japan 71 week 3 days ago
Your guide to better chopstick etiquette (mostly Japanese) 1253 weeks 2 days ago
Japanese Cooking 101, Lesson 5 extra: Fish bone crackers (hone-senbei) with shoestring potatoes 93 weeks 3 days ago
Homemade Umeboshi (Japanese salty pickled plums) - now with troubleshooting notes 1283 weeks 3 days ago
Okonomiyaki, Osaka style 1203 weeks 3 days ago
Japanese Cooking 101, Lesson 2 Bonus: Sushi Rice (Shari) plus Smoked Salmon and Cucumber Chirashizushi 143 weeks 4 days ago
Kasutera (castella) Japanese sponge cake recipe; plus oyatsu, 3-o'clock snack time 1283 weeks 5 days ago
Japanese Cooking 101, Lesson 2: Prep and Cook A Great Bowl of Japanese Rice 803 weeks 5 days ago
Tokyo vs. Paris, Japan vs. France, from a food point of view 213 weeks 5 days ago
Perfect fried rice in a frying pan - even on an electric range or hotplate 574 weeks 20 hours ago
Nabe (hot pot) basics in the Japan Times 14 weeks 3 days ago
Takoyaki, the great street snack that's fun to make at home 1064 weeks 3 days ago
Spaghetti Napolitan 224 weeks 3 days ago
What Japanese kids like to eat, now and then 165 weeks 15 hours ago
All-day Boston baked beans 335 weeks 1 day ago
Hamburg Steaks or Hanbaagu/Hambaagu in the Japan Times 35 weeks 5 days ago
Food Destinations: Zürich, Switzerland 115 weeks 6 days ago
Basics: Cold soba noodles with dipping sauce 1025 weeks 6 days ago
How to grow shiso (perilla) 365 weeks 6 days ago
A Proper Swiss Cheese Fondue 556 weeks 2 days ago
Marmite, Vegemite, and...Cenovis? A tale of salty yeast spreads 776 weeks 3 days ago
Japanese Cooking 101, Lesson 1-Addendum: Making Miso Soup and Clear Soup with Dashi 546 weeks 6 days ago
Kanten vs. agar plus tokoroten in the Japan Times, plus a sweet version 47 weeks 3 days ago
From what age it safe to give sushi or sashimi to kids? 247 weeks 3 days ago
Homemade mochi (pounded rice) the modern way 697 weeks 5 days ago

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