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Salt, Part 1 2133 weeks 4 days ago
Bamboo shoot (takenoko) article in the Japan Times 334 weeks 2 days ago
Mitarashi dango, rice dough dumplings with sweet-salty sauce 15334 weeks 3 days ago
Sticky sticky natto article in the Japan Times 2034 weeks 5 days ago
Goma dofu: Sesame tofu that's not tofu 2935 weeks 1 day ago
The sweet, cultured taste of Calpis 4135 weeks 1 day ago
Washoku, Japanese citrus and yuzu-cha (yuzu 'tea') 2635 weeks 1 day ago
Nikujaga: Japanese stewed meat and potatoes 3635 weeks 2 days ago
Japanese grocery stores in the United States and territories 16835 weeks 2 days ago
Zakkokumai: Rice with seeds and grains and bits 3135 weeks 3 days ago
The English version of Cookpad, the largest recipe site in Japan, launched today 2635 weeks 6 days ago
Japanese Cooking 101, Lesson 1: How to make dashi stock, the foundation of Japanese cooking 5636 weeks 20 hours ago
Japanese basics: dashi stock 8436 weeks 2 days ago
Bento article! (Here is where you can leave comments if needed) 1536 weeks 3 days ago
A bit of Swiss milk chocolate 2236 weeks 4 days ago
Tororo Soba (Slimy soba noodles with grated nagaimo) 1436 weeks 4 days ago
Japanese cuisine the most popular foreign cuisine..? What's your favorite? 6036 weeks 4 days ago
Japanese grocery store list 12437 weeks 3 days ago
The Mystery of Japanese "Sauce" 3038 weeks 1 day ago
Omuraisu (aka omurice or omu rice, Japanese rice omelette) 4238 weeks 2 days ago
Vegetarian / Vegan dashi (Japanese stock) 4738 weeks 4 days ago
Easy unit conversions with Google 438 weeks 4 days ago
A week of miso soup, day 5: Ground shrimp, ginger and miso 538 weeks 6 days ago
French natto! 1938 weeks 6 days ago
Postcards from Kyoto - Misuyabari and Hakotou, for lovers of sewing and handcrafts 2339 weeks 2 days ago

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