IMG: Lining up for ramen (lamen) in Paris.

There's an article in Food and Wine called 7 Reasons Why Tokyo Is the New Paris, and a post that follows up on that on the Wall Street Journal's Japan RealTime blog titled Paris vs. Tokyo: Which Has Better Food and Drink?. As a Tokyo native who currently lives in France (although not in Paris), I thought I have some qualifications for adding my 2 cents on the subject. While the focus of both articles is on which city is "better" for an American tourist who is interested in food to visit, I'll like to expand on that a bit.

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By now you have probably at least heard about the brouhaha over the owners of a restaurant/bakery that appeared on Gordon Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares show (U.S. version). If not, you can read about it here and many, many other places.

There was a big to-do surrounding a TV food show here in France too. The show in question: Top Chef. (Yes there's one of those in France.)

Two documentary films that show the importance of sushi, and pastry, in their respective cultures.


Why do we have a problem with eating things with faces?

Winter in Provence

Some weeks to go until spring, but in the meantime the scenery is beautiful.


A delicious, tiny morsel from a most elegant French hotel.


A photo and a story, first in a series.

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Hi everyone. I put up a post about my health situation over on my personal site. Please take a look if you're interested.

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The kitchen

The current object of my obsessions is this space.

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