Monday photos: This little pig is not a guinea pig

It's a bit late to be posting these photos, but here they are. In Europe, the pig is considered a lucky symbol of the New Year; in Switzerland for instance people give each other little peppermint pigs. Here in our little town in Provence, these were for sale for New Year's Eve celebrations.


It's a paté in the shape of a cochon (pig). But to reminded me of that Peruvian delicacy, the cuy - a roasted guinea pig. (I won't post a photo because it's going to give me the shivers, but, if you want to know, go here.) I wouldn't have bought it myself, but The Guy was in charge of New Year's Eve festivities chez M and M, and he thought it looked cute.

Is it cute? it scary? Look at that face. Aww/eww? (The eyes are black peppercorns.)


It's really funny how squeamish we can get about food with well, faces, even if it's just molded. I dont have a problem with fish heads, but a lot of people can't stand them either.

Once le petit cochon was sliced up, it was fine - a standard homemade type pork and chicken paté, quite delicious. Still, I couldn't get the image of that little face staring at me out of my head. I'm not sure if we'll be getting another one next year. I'm inclined to think we'll go for a plain square version instead.


What do you think? Would you have eaten the pig-paté? How do you feel about food with faces? ^_^

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