This month's Japan Times article is about the traditions and superstitions surrounding Setsubun, which is coming up on February 3rd.


Why do we have a problem with eating things with faces?

A video showing one Japanese mom's tiny yet super-efficient kitchen.

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How would you describe your kitchen, and what's stocked there?

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This has nothing at all to do with Japan, or food, or anything else that I normally write about here. But I am putting it on this site in the off chance that it will be read by regular folk. That is, people who just happened to land here, looking for a recipe perhaps. It's not for web designers or developers or people who built stuff for the web. And it's certainly not for so-called "SEO experts".

But I just couldn't take it anymore.

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Winter in Provence

Some weeks to go until spring, but in the meantime the scenery is beautiful.


My stepfather: accountant by day, Santa by nights and weekends.

How my late father related to a particular scene in the movie Tampopo.


This month's Japan Times article is about sweet potatoes*, which are called satsumaimo in Japanese.


From the age of 3 on, or so my mother says, I would always hang around the kitchen asking questions, tilting conatainers to my level, getting underfoot and in everyone's way. After about age 5, I was reluctantly given some small, low-risk things to do, like making panko from day-old bread, or filling the salt and pepper shakers.

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