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Japanese Recipes and articles

I'm from Japan, but I've lived outside of Japan for much of my adult life. I love the food of my homeland, but trying to recreate some dishes without easy access to all kinds of Japanese ingredients can be tough. A major feature of Just Hungry is on cooking Japanese food at home, trying to achieve authentic flavors with limited access to these ingredients.

If you can't find what you're looking for on this page, try the page of all Japanese recipes and how-tos

The Basics: If you're new to Japanese cooking, start here:

Some popular traditional Japanese (aka washoku) recipes

Yohshoku recipes

Yohshoku is Western/European influenced Japanese food. It's different from, say, French food that's served in Japan in that they have been adapted and changed so much that they barely ressemble the original dishes that influenced them.


I love baking bread, as well as cakes and muffins.

  • My favorite bread is desem bread, which is rather complicated to make but has the fewest ingredients: whole wheat flour, water, salt - and a starter (called desem) that takes two weeks or more initially to make. If you're up for an interesting and rewarding challenge, please give it a try (see all desem entry posts.)

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