August 2006

I had originally intended for Food Destinations to be a one-off event. But since it got such a great response, I've decided to bring it back, and make it a recurring one. For those of you who had been asking for this, please excuse my delay...I was too busy/disorganized to deal with it for a couple months!

subzero.jpg Ooh, baby. This is the Sub Zero Pro 48, aka Fridge Porn.

Our old refrigerator is dying.

It's about 15 years old, so I suppose it has a right to die. Still, it depresses me to think about it. On a list of indispensable appliances in the modern household, fridges have to be near the top. When it malfunctions, it's like your heart beating irregularly. It's really stressful.

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Is it still steaming hot where you are? It has finally cooled down a bit here - yesterday it rained all day, and right now it's comfortably cool. We may yet have a heatwave though, and I'm still craving icy things to eat.

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