Food Destinations is coming back!

I had originally intended for Food Destinations to be a one-off event. But since it got such a great response, I've decided to bring it back, and make it a recurring one. For those of you who had been asking for this, please excuse my delay...I was too busy/disorganized to deal with it for a couple months!

Based on several suggestions, from #2 on each Food Destinations will be based on a single theme, such as 'best bakery', 'best barbeque joint', etc. I have a few ideas for themes in mind, but if you have any please let me know via email to maki at makikoitoh dot com or in the comments. In any case I will announce the theme sometime next week, so stay tuned!

Another change is that instead of hosting all the Food Destinations myself, I'd like to make it an event that's hosted by a different food blogger every time, in the grand tradition of Is My Blog Burning. One great side benefit of hosting a blogging event is that it brings a lot of attention and new traffic to a site, so I'd like to spread the cheer. (Besides it means someone else can do the compiling work :)) I was going to commence this with #2, but as it happens I have a very nice book to give away, so I'll host #2 and then send it out to the big wide food blogging world for #3 onwards.

The plan is to have a Food Destinations at least once every couple of months or so, each to be based on a particular theme. So, if you're interested in hosting future Food Destinations events, please let me know by email to maki at makikoitoh dot com (not in comments so as to keep it a surprise and all that). To host Food Destinations you don't have to give away something by the way - I think it will be fun just on its own! Please note that in order to participate in Food Destinations, you don't have to have a food blog (all you need is any blog or web site), but to host a Food Destinations, you do have to be a food blogger.

If you missed it the first time around, here is the original announcement page for FD #1 (hmm sounds like a food coloring...never mind) and the roundup. (Incidentally, if you are wondering why the roundup page points to some odd URL (, my intention to make that the general listing page that will point to all the FD event entries. I'll put the general idea about FD and stuff there too.)

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I would offer to host, but I don't have a food blog, per se. I know I had said in the initial FD that I would participate, but I didn't, so I will try to this time around!

Hooray, it's coming back!!!

How wonderful! I would love to participate--I can't wait to see what the theme to #2 is.
I really enjoyed reading the inaugural FD!