Sticky sticky natto article in the Japan Times


This has already been available for more than a week...but my newest Japan Times column is about my sticky smelly fermented bean product, natto. It also includes a recipe for natto-potato fritters, which is approved by the in-house natto hater (aka The Guy) as being "quite edible, with minimal natto-ness". I hope you give it a try, especially if you've been thinking about trying natto for health reasons but have been wary about its reputation and scary sticky stringiness.

I've talked about natto several times already on this site of course (see natto related article). I still get my regular shipment of natto from my local natto maker, and one of my favorite not-so-traditional ways to enjoy it is in the natto pasta mentioned in the Wafuu (Japanese style) pasta post. That one does not pass the in-house natto hater's "not too natto-y" test - it's strictly for natto lovers. ^__^



(You may have noticed I was absent again...I was pretty sick for the whole of February. After my radiation therapy ended finally, I promptly got a rather bad case of 'flu...I'm thinking I probably picked it up at the clinic. I'm pretty much tired of being sick so I've decided I'm not going to be sick any more. ^_^;)

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