From a place in the sun

We drove all day on Saturday and arrived late at night to a place that is quite close to my idea of Paradise.

We're in Cassis, a small jewel of a town on the Mediterranean coast of France. Quite close to Marseilles, but worlds away in all other ways. Chic yet a lot more laid back than the Cote d'Azur.

This is the view towards the small harbor from the roof terrace of the apartment we've rented for a week. I've been spending most of my time so far on that terrace, dozing.


We did however rouse ourselves enough to make it to a market, where we saw this rather astonishing display of locally picked violette asparagus stalks.


Strawberries abound too, as do apricots and cherries, and even early raspberries.


I had some of those fresh strawberries in a fruits mixté . It tasted just like pure crushed strawberries. (The other one is a pineapple version, which I thought was heresy.)


The pace of posting will be a bit slow for the next three weeks while I catch up on my sun and sleep quotient...but the camera and note taking will be quite busy for sure.

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