Monday photos: New York cravings

I am in New York, for family reasons. Not the best of circumstances, and I wasn't even sure I'd make it given my lousy health these days, but with the kind help of airport staff, I did.

So, what does an ex-New Yorker after many years spent living elsewhere? A sparkling meal at one of the city's finest restaurants? Not for me. I started here:


And, moved on to these (any expat American starts to crave stuff like this after a while. We can get salsa and chips in France...but it's just not the same.)


And while I can't say that I regularly crave black and whites, I had to pick up one of these blue-and-white variations over the weekend:


Congratulations to the New York Giants! (I hear it was a pretty good game. I'm afraid I slept right through it after the coin toss, due to a combination of fatigue, jet lag and not much interest in the game. ^_^; Besides, when I did live in New York and follow the local teams, I was a strictly Mets/Jets/Islanders kind of girl.)

Other things I am contemplating fulfilling my cravings for while here are, unfortunately, as carb-heavy as the ones already fulfilled: real New York pizza, takeout-Chinese roast pork lo mein, more bagels, dim sum in Flushing, a hot dog and papaya juice combo at Papaya King. I'll try to balance those cravings with some halfway healthy eating too.

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