Japanese cookbooks in English by a great teacher

book image: Japanese Homestyle CookingI don't know how this escaped me until now, but there are actually two cookbooks available in English by one of the best teachers of traditional washoku or Japanese cooking, Tokiko Suzuki. Japanese Homestyle Cooking, published in 2000, is the more recent one, and The Essentials of Japanese Cooking is the other, published in 1995.

Tokiko Suzuki has been teaching Japanese home style cooking for decades, on the long running NHK Today's Cooking program, private cooking classes and her numerous cookbooks and articles. I think she is in her 70s now, and bills herself self-deprecatingly as Tokiko Baaba (Grandma Tokiko). I don't have this English book, but I do have a couple of her Japanese books. If you want to learn authentic, traditional Japanese home cooking, you absolutely cannot go wrong by following her directions. Since these books are translations, they do use authentic (and sometimes hard to get a hold of) ingredients but that's the only minor drawback.

(For UK readers, the Japanese Homestyle Cooking book is available on Amazon UK too.)

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