I send Happy Earth Day greetings to you all with pictures of virile vegetables

Spring onions! Look at those virile roots.

Spring Onions

Fresh, still-moist garlic!

Fresh Garlic

Artichokes! Oh my, what artichokes!


What better way to celebrate Earth Day than with local, organically grown vegetables?


What better way to celebrate? Eating those veges, of course!

Lovely images to celebrate Earth Day! I took a photo of daffodils in my garden this morning, and sent it to friends around the world.

Daffodil pictures - how wonderful! (Though they aren't edible...yes i'm fixated on the edible... ^_^;)

Lovely pics! The colours are so beautiful, even on the garlic, which I never would have though of as being pretty before!

I had no idea that onions could look so, well... sexy... like a cowboy or a farmer standing all dusty on your front porch after a long hot day of in the muck and mud. He takes off his hat, knocks it against his knee and says with a nod of his head, "Evening, hun." The logical part of your brain thinks, "OOOooo, dirty, yuck!" but the smart, earthy part says, "Dang... sexy!"... you know THAT kind of sexy. ~_^ ... What can I say, your pictures inspired me! ^_^
Aloha! Laurel

Wow Laurel, you're getting me all hot under the collar... great description! :)

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