Food-oriented goals and plans for 2007

In 2006 most of my food-oriented goals were external in nature, oriented towards restaurants and such. This year my goals are quite different.

  • Lose weight and get into better shape. Yep, I really need to do this - being Just Hungry most of the time has not done wonders for my waistline. Is it possible to be obsessed about food yet still lose weight? We shall see.
  • Get better organized in the kitchen, and reduce food waste. I recently threw away big garbage bag full of expired dry foods - not good at all!
  • Explore Swiss food more. I realized that I didn't write as much as I would have liked to on Just Hungry this year about the food of this country, and that's not good. While Swiss cuisine doesn't get much airplay internationally, it's a very interesting place for the food lover in many ways, due to its geographical location, the multiple languages spoken, and other factors.
  • At the moment I am about 75% vegetarian, but I will like to push that percentage up a bit more, for daily eating at least.
  • Continue to write more about Japanese home cooking around here. This is what I get requested to do, and yes I will do it.
  • Take an extended trip to Japan later in the year. I'm way overdue.
  • Take really in-depth looks into how certain foods are made. I've been greatly influenced in my thinking towards cooking by some books I've read this year, in particular Heston Blumenthal: In Search of Perfection and On Food And Cooking by Harold McGee. Heston Blumethal's BBC TV series was really interesting, if slightly wacky. You might see articles of such a nature here, though I do draw the line at making frothy chocolate with a Dyson vacuum cleaner.

All of this is very likely to be reflected in the content of this it's also sort of a preview of things to come.

I'll be back next year, so until then, may you have a safe and fun New Year's Eve and Day!

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Food-oriented goals and plans for 2007

We have really similar goals for the new year. Good luck to both of us!

Jul | 30 December, 2006 - 15:54

Food-oriented goals and plans for 2007

You're not alone! I want to lose weight and get into better shape, too. And I'm wondering how to do it with my interest in baking and cooking and with my foodblog-writing.
Yes, we shall see. Happy New Year!

Dolce | 30 December, 2006 - 16:49

Food-oriented goals and plans for 2007

Good Luck! I sympathize, as I'm all about baking ... which makes life quite difficult! We end up going to visit people just because we have food to get rid of ... er ... give away. Quite sad, really.

David | 3 January, 2007 - 23:09

Food-oriented goals and plans for 2007

A hint on the being vegetarian thing? Flax Seeds, ground, plus water = egg whites, at least in baked goods. Plus it adds fiber.

David | 3 January, 2007 - 23:10

Food-oriented goals and plans for 2007

Good luck! I found that eating healthier and losing weight got easier as I became more obsessed with food and cooking, because it got easier to make meals that were tasty and healthy. (I do have to ration my forays into chocolate cake baking, though.)

spaceling | 4 January, 2007 - 02:01

Food-oriented goals and plans for 2007

Good luck to all of us :)

David I do that too - or freeze the excess. It almost makes me want to open a shop to get rid of it!

maki | 4 January, 2007 - 14:24

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