Strawberry, strawberry

This monster strawberry, that looks like - and was the size of - 3 regular strawberries all fused together, showed up in a batch bought some days ago, and since then I haven't been able to look at any strawberries at the store without a twinge of fear.


I'm fairly sure that this strawberry just grew together by accident or something, but it sure looks like some horrible mutation. Still, it did make me think about something I haven't worried much about before - genetically engineered food.

Of course, real genetically engineered strawberries (if they exist) probably look very normal.

On the bright side, the very first alpine strawberries, or fraises des bois, are peeking out here and there in the wilderness that passes for a garden in front of the house. They are quite early this year, probably because of the hot days we have been having.


There are still too few to eat except to pick and pop straight into the mouth, but soon there will be enough to fill a small teacup, and eat with fresh (non-UHT, thank you) cream. The sight of these tiny wild strawberries, each with more flavor than 10 monster strawberries combined, is very comforting.

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