Where's Fanny Craddock (or Cradock!) ?

[Update, added October 2006:] my review of the BBC bio-drama about Fanny, Fear of Fanny.

When my family lived for a while in the '70s in England, my mother was given a small paperback cookbook by a neighbor. It was by Fanny and Johnny Craddock, who were television cooks on British TV in the 1950s to 1970s. (My mother told me later that she was rather shocked and amused that her neighbor had given her a used, tattered book, since such a thing would be rather unthinkable in Japan. She took it as an indication of how frugal English people were.) I was too young to watch the programs (or if I did watch them, I don't remember doing so) but much later I remember reading the book over and over and being simply fascinated by it. It had a very bossy and conversational tone, and started with a very bombastic declaration as to how awful British cooking habits were.

Unfortunately, that book got lost in the many moves various members of the family made. For the past few years, since I started to buy cookbooks for myself (or rather had the means to do so) I've been looking for a Fanny Craddock book. But...nothing. Given the current fascination with food and food writing, and the re-issue of many older cookbooks in the UK from authors like Elizabeth David, Constance Spry and even Mrs. Beeton, I'm really puzzled as to why there's been no revival of Fanny Craddock. I think I saw a brief mention of her once on Ready Steady Cook, as to how she did something wrong... but what? Does anyone in the UK know? Better yet, is there anywhere that might have her old books?

Edit: wow, someone's already kindly emailed me (thanks Julie!) that Craddock is spelled Cradock! (Though most recent media mentions of spell it Craddock...very confusing.) So now I've bid on a couple of "Fanny Cradock" books on ebay. I'll report back here after I've read them!

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