Wild garlic pesto


I've mentioned our local organic farm where we buy our eggs several times before. They also sometimes sell some locally produced food items. We spotted this wild garlic, or bärlauch pesto the other day and had to try it. (Ironically it turns out it's made by one of our neighbors who lives across the street.)

Wild garlic grows in some forests, and it's said that cows love it so much that they break away from the herd to make their way into the forest and munch on this spring delicacy. People even claim that the butter sold in spring has a faint garlicky flavor because of this. I've never been able to detect that...but maybe I'm not buying the right brand of butter.

Anyway, this pesto was quite assertively redolent of garlic, with some onion-like flavor too. It's sort of like a cross between chives and Chinese garlic, or nira. Besides the wild garlic, it had olive oil and ground pine nuts and almonds in it. I had it on hot pasta with some grated cheese (Spanish Manchego, since that's all that was in the refrigerator), and it was quite delicious.

I'm not sure we have wild garlic in the woods around here, but I may try to emulate this pesto with the chives growing in the garden.

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