Japanese grocery stores in Europe

So far we have listings for Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, the Netherlands, Portugal, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the UK.

General notes on Europe: Japanese expat populations are the largest in London, Paris, and the business centers of Germany, especially Düsseldorf.

Let us know about your favorite stores, or comment on the ones already listed! (When the information in a comment is incorporated into the main article, the comment is deleted to avoid huuuge page syndrome.)


Tagawa Superstore
Chaussée de Vleurgat 119
1050 Brussels
Recommended by Cacahuete


Fiolstræde 32
DK-1171 Copenhagen
Danish web page
Japanese grocery
Den Kinesiske Købmand
Nørre Voldgade 54
DK-1358 Copenhagen K
Danish web site
Japanese grocery


See the France page.


Also see the Greece-Japan.com site. (In Greek and Japanese mostly.)

Soya Athens
Apollonos 33-35 Plaka
10556 Athens
email: info [at] soyaathens.gr
English, Japanese, Greek web site
Google Maps
Food, gift items, tableware, etc.


See the Germany page.


Japans & Koreaanse Delicatessen Shilla
Gelderlandplein 32-34
1082 LB Amsterdam
Tel:+31 20-6428423 Fax:+31 20-4422361
Comments: "My choice. What the name suggests. Stocks frozen, packaged and a limited variety of fresh products. Also has a small prepared food section. Friendly folks. Their website is not operational, however, here one can view an ipx and opening times" : link -(Basak)
Dutch, English and Japanese web site
Online only shop ("Takuhai" means "home delivery"). Delivers in the Netherlands and to other countries - contact them and ask if they will deliver to your location. Payment is by bank transfer only.
Comments: "I’ve ordered from them several times and haven’t had a problem." -(anon)
Yama Food
In the Shopping Arcade of Hotel Okura
Hotel Okura Amsterdam
Ferdinand Bolstraat 333
1072 LH Amsterdam
Dutch web site
Comments: "It is a very small shop; a bit difficult to navigate. Also pricier. Very helpful owner,though. They claim to stock over 1000 products imported by them." -(Basak)


Japantorget [CLOSED]
Arbos gate 2
0368 Oslo
Bernt Ankersgate 4
0183 Oslo
Tel: +47 22 60 40 54
Facebook page (Norwegian)
Comments: This is a new store run by the same people who operated Japantorget. It seems to be a readymade bento takeout/readymade food store (with both Japanese and Thai foods) with a small grocery section. Some photos on a Japanese blog here. (maki)


General notes on Portugal: Intermarché, a French supermarket chain, has a growing Asian food section -(Ana)

R. Navegantes, n.º 368-A
2750-444 Cascais (área da Grande Lisboa)
Tel.: 214 849 450/4 Fax: 214 849 459
E-Mail: yasuragi [at] mail [dot] telepac [dot] pt
Comments: "All products have a portuguese translation, which is nice because even in supermarkets you don’t have a translation on some products." -(Ana)


Seoul Plaza Slovakia
02 4437 3900
Submitted by Alice


General Spain notes: There seems to be a growing Japanese expat community in Spain, especially of retirees.

If you read Japanese there is a terrific forum for Japanese expats living in Spain, here. (スペイン探偵局)

There is a Japonica rice that is grown in Spain, called "Minori", produced by Okura Y Asociados Products, S.A. Web site. (But it has no contact info! Geez.)


Calle. Comte Borrell, 334-336
 08029 Barcelona
Tel: 93 439 30 40   Fax: 93 419 9539
Mon-Sat 10:00-14:00, 17:00-20:00. closed Sundays and holidays.
Bus: Pl. Francesc Macia, 6,7,15,27,32,33,34,41,59,63,66,67,68.
Japanese website, Spanish website
The site says it has fresh and frozen foods, folk art, housewares, sushi, onigiri and prepared foods. They will deliver.


Avda. Presidente Carmona, 9
28020 Madrid
Tel: 91 579 23 11   Fax: 91 570 7174
Mon-Sat 10:00-14:00, 16:00-20:00. closed Sundays and holidays.
Also at
Calle. Jorge Juan, 75
28001 Madrid
TEL: 91 575 0556
Mon-Sat 10:00-14:00, 17:00-20:00. closed Sundays and holidays.
Metro: 2 and 4 lines to GOYA
Japanese website, Spanish website
The site says it has fresh and frozen foods, folk art, housewares, sushi, onigiri and prepared foods. They will deliver.


Sun Ai
Tegnérgatan 15
11140 Stockholm
Japanese and Swedish web site
Groceries, housewares, books, sundries (including Hello Kitty stuff). Will deliver to Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland.
Japan Food & Kitchen (JFK)
Swedenborgsgatan 28
11827 Stockholm
Japanese, Swedish, English web site
Food, kitchen appliances, etc. Sells restaurant supplies too (like a sushi robot).


General Switzerland notes: The biggest Japanese expat community is in Geneva. You can also increasingly buy some Japanese ingredients at the department stores (esp. Globus). Migros and Coop both carry a few Japanese/Asian (mostly Thai) products.

In the last 5-6 years, there has been an explosion (well in Swiss terms) of "Asian" restaurants in the major cities. Quality and authenticity varies. Most serve some form of sushi.

This page on the Laughing Lemon site (they offer highly regarded cooking classes in English and German, as well as catering) lists what's in season in Switzerland. See this page for dates and times of the markets in the major Swiss cities.


Gueterstrasse 138 (near the south entrance to the Basel Hbf)
4053 Basel
061 363 00 00
German web site
Bento lunch takeout, sushi catering. Not a grocery store. (Note: Closed? Web site is still up though, so maybe call before going.)

Genève (Geneva) and Lausanne

Alimentation Japonaise Miyai (CLOSED)
45,Rue de Zurich
1201 Genève
Tel 022-731-4862 Fax 022-731-6781
French and Japaneseweb site
Besides groceries, has bento and sushi that can be pre-ordered.
Rue de l'Ancien Port-9
1201 Genève
Tel. 022 732 47 74, Fax 022 738 87 97
Tue-Fri 09:00 - 18:30, Sat 09:00 - 18:00, closed Sunday and Monday
Email: info at mikado-food dot ch
French, Japanese and Korean web site
In recent years, Mikado seems to be concentrating more on the restaurant/catering side of things. Selection of groceries is a bit limited, though adequate for basic needs. Takeout sushi etc. are not bad. Delivers anywhere within Switzerland. (maki)
Rue Ferrier 13-15
1202 Genève
Tel: 022 731 26 01 Fax: 022 738 52 16
geneve at uchitomi dot ch
Mon - Fri 9:00 - 18:30, Sat 09:00 - 17:00, closed Sun (no sushi or comestibles on Mon)
French web site
also at
Ruelle Grand-Saint-Jean 5
1003 Lausanne
Tel. 021 312 40 01 Fax 021 312 40 02
Email lausanne at uchitomi dot ch
Mon - Fri 10:00 - 19:00, Sat 09:00 - 17:00, closed Monday and Sunday
A review here.

Also see moshi moshi, a site that lists Japanese restaurants in the Genève area in a tiny, tiny font.


General Zürich notes: There are quite a few Thai grocery stores. Migros City's fish department is pretty good for fresh fish. Increasingly, the morning markets are carrying Asian vegetables - in particular the Helvetiaplatz market and the Bürkliplatz market. At the latter, I've spotted things like shiso plants and fresh yuzu!

Aggarwal Indian Food
Langstrasse 62
8004 Zurich
(right near Helvetiaplatz)
Also stores in Basel, Bern, Langenthal
Tel: 044 241 28 79
Fax: 044 241 93 67
Monday - Friday 8 am to 8 pm, Saturday 8 am to 4 pm
German, French and English web site
An Indian/South Asian store, but has many produce items that are used in Japanese cooking like taro roots, okra, bitter gourd, etc. and a few Japanese ingredients like miso.
Lian Hua Asiatische Lebensmittel
Birmensdorferstrasse 94
8003 Zürich
(Tram lines 9 and 14, several buses, or any S-Bahn that stops at Bahnhof Wiedikon)
also at
Schaffhauserstrasse 269
8057 Zürich
(Tram lines 10 and 14 to Berninaplatz).
This is mainly a Chinese store but has Thai, Korean and a small amount of Japanese items too. Fresh vegetables used in Asian cooking are available here like garlic chives (nira), winter melon, gourd, lotus root, etc. 15% off all food items on Saturdays. A wordier review. (maki)
New Asia Market
Feldstrasse 24
Tel. 044 241 80 00
Trams 2, 3 or Bus 32 to Kalkbreite
General Asian store; not many Japanese ingredients but still useful. Has a few things Lian Hua doesn't. (maki)
Nishi's Japan Shop
Schaffhauserstr. 120
8057 Zürich (Tram lines 7 and 14, stop Guggachstrasse, or lines 7, 9, 10, 14 stop Milchbuch)
Tel. 044 363 11 63, Fax 044 363 28 92
Email: info at nishishop dot ch
Monday 13:30 - 18:30, Tue - Fri 09:00 - 18:30, Sat 09:00 - 16:00, closed Sun
Japanese, German and English web site
Maki's local! Small store with a surprisingly comprehensive selection. Sometimes runs out of stock of popular items like tofu, especially on weekends. See a wordier review. (maki)
Thanh Hung Import + Export AG
Wehntalerstr. 280
8046 Zürich
Tel. 044 371 38 77, Fax 044 371 39 55
General Asian grocery store.
Schützengasse 7
8001 Zürich
Just off the Bahnhofstrasse, a couple of blocks from the main train station
Tel: 044-750 51 61 Fax: 044-211 57 59
Korean grocery store with a lot of Japanese ingredients, plus of course Korean goodies. Prices comparable to Nishi's. See a wordier review. Also has a small eat-in counter and takeout. (maki)

Also see this page.

United Kingdom/Ireland

See UK and Ireland page.

Europe-only mail order sites

Many places with web sites listed will ship to you within Europe, or at least within the same country. Visit the sites and find out!

  • Japan Centre ships all over Europe. This page lists the countries to which they will ship food. Shipping is free within the UK over £30 worth of merchandise. They ship non-comestibles worldwide. In my experience, their shipping is expensive but very fast. Excellent service. In Switzerland at least the price including shipping is about the same as buying locally, so it's handy for stuff that the local stores don't stock.(maki)
  • Japan Food Hall ships all over Europe. A fairly new store (opened in 2014 I believe), located in Surrey, UK. This page lists the countries they ship to with tariffs. Prices are competitive with Japan Centre. I have bought from them a couple of times already and have been happy with the service. (maki)
  • Ja-Mart is based in Germany and also states on their web site (which is in German, English and Japanese) that they ship to various countries in Europe. Besides food, they sell kitchenware, tableware, etc. including some 220V electrical appliances such as Zojirushi rice cookers.
  • Wai yee Hong is a Chinese supermarket in Bristol, UK. They will ship all over Europe.

Let us know about your favorite stores, or comment on the ones already listed! (When the information in a comment is incorporated into the main article, the comment is deleted to avoid huuuge page syndrome.)

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via rosmini 11
20154 Milano

There is a great japanese shop in Basel called mikado, the address Gartenstrasse 59, which is quite close to the main trainstation. It is run by a Japanese lady and apart from a great selection of food, some dishes etc you can also enjoy home cooked lunches there. And the nice thing is that they are very reasonable and friendly

Just to add a few more for Amsterdam:

Japans Winkel Dank
Kastelenstraat 264
1082 EJ Amsterdam, Netherlands
+31 20 6464587

  • A bit far from the center, located in Amstelveen which is about 20-30 minutes south. Has a good selection of curries, sauces, and fresh produce. A bit more expensive than Shilla's but more selection. Also has a video section. Across from a good Bento lunch spot.

Toko Dun Yong
Stormsteeg 9
1012 BD Amsterdam
the Netherlands

Monday through Saturday 9:00 - 18:00
Sunday 12:00 - 18:00

  • Located in the heart of Chinatown. Selection of Japanese products mixed in with mostly Chinese and Thai ingredients. Fresh tofu, frozen seafood, nabe stuff - more expensive than Shilla's or Dank.

Dank is not located in Amstelveen, but in Amsterdam, in an area called Builtenveldert. However, it is probably closer to Amstelveen centre than it is to the centre of Amsterdam.

I se Ya, 伊勢屋 Sushi & Japanese Delicatessen 寿司と日本食品の店
Kostverlorenhof 66
1083 HG Amstelveen
tel. 020-4536289

Located in Amstelveen, near Amsterdam, is Iseya. They sell sushi and almost any ingredient you'll ever need for your Japanese recipes. If I remember correctly they even sell rice cookers.

Here is one in Helsinki, Finland. You can find basic japanese food stuff and other merchandice like magazines, tableware etc. Web page in finnish, english and japanese http://www.tokyokan.fi/.

Annankatu 20
(corner of Old Church Park)
Telephone: (09) 622 5553
Telefax: (09) 622 5552
E-mail: tokyokan@kolumbus.fi
Open Mon-Fri 10-18, Sat 10-15

Tokyokan has moved to the next block/quarter, to Annankatu 24

Exotic Asia Market
Rua Maria Umbelina, 5 A/C
265- 148 Sacavém 5 min from Lisbon's Airport)
Open Mon-Sun 10h-19h (including holidays)
Phone: 707 288 888
Website: http://www.eam.com.pt/ in Portuguese and English.

It's the biggest asian store I know in Lisbon. They have all kind of japonese, chinese and indian products. Unlike other asian stores they sell frozen products and bulk packages for restaurants. Cooking classes are available.

Casa Chinesa
Rua Sá da Bandeira, 343
4000-435 Porto

Not worth it.

I read many nice things about this store, but as I entered to see their selection, the attitude was horribly different. I was immediately followed and watched by some grim, old employee who was constantly very close and, many times, in my direct way. This is the most ridiculous behavior that I have even seen in shop in Portugal.

Prospective clients should be treated with respect and not suspicion. I am someone living between Paris, Porto and Bangkok, well-dressed, and I was frankly shocked by the bad attitude in this shop.

A lost potential client.

Supermercado Chen
Praça da República, 103
4050-107 Porto
222 087 718

Loja Yasuragi
Rua Sousa Martins, 15 - R/c Loja (Ken-Ichi's Restaurant basement)
1050-217 Lisboa
Email: yasuragi@yasuragitrading.com
Website: http://www.yasuragitrading.com

El Corte Inglès Supermarket
Between avenues António Augusto de Aguiar,
Marquês da Fronteira and Sidónio Pais.
Telefone: 213 711 700
Website: http://www.elcorteingles.pt

El Corte Inglès Supermarket
Avenida da República, 1435
Vila Nova de Gaia
Telephone: 223 781 400
Website: http://www.elcorteingles.pt

Isn't it just a few sushi items? (Rice, vinegar, nori, perhaps gari and wasabi)
Or do the Portuguese Corte Inglès stores stock more than their Spanish equivalents?

Hi Loretta at Lisbon's El Corte Inglès there are at least 56 different grocery products and also beer, salt, seaweeds, liquor, dried fruits and tea. You can check what products there are in http://www.elcorteingles.pt/supermercado/frameset.asp.

Living in Aarhus, far from Copenhagen where most Japanese-centered shops are, I still found this one worth mentioning. Everytime I go in there they've added something new Japanese:

Far East Trading
Banegårdsgade 36-38
8000 Århus C
Telephone: 86 18 18 69
Website: http://far-east-trading.dk (all in Danish)

Among the more hard-to-find items they carry are: katsuobushi, kombu, wakame and GOOD soba noodles (not to mention many kinds of Japonica rice)

There's a seemingly new product line that has started to show up on shelves in several stores here in Sweden lately. Renée Voltaire has a couple of japanese items like Furikake (something I've never seen in regular stores here before), green tea, udon and soba etc.

As said it has started to show up in regular stores but you can also order directly from their homepage over at:


I just thought it was worth mentioning.

in Lisbon there's an area called Martim Moniz and there are asian stores everywhere (mainly indian and chinese) but do note that alot on chinese stores sell items used in japanese food

I am looking for suppliers of japanese food products in the valencia/murcia region

Hiper Oriente I
Calle Aponte 8
(by Plaza del Duque)
tlf: +34 954 915 943

Hiper Oriente II
Avda. Kansas City 1-3
(in the Nervion zone, betwen El corte ingles and Santa Justa train station)

They're both owned by the same family, who also owns a restaurant by the first one,and you'll find food, drinks and tableware, as well as chinese and a few japanese magazines, newspapers, DVD's and books. There's also a frozen food section where you can find fish, vegetables and already made dim sum and similars. They store a large number of products which include indian, tailand, japanese and chinese stuff. But depending on what you're looking for, you should visit one or other. The first one has more japanese things, from onigiri molds to several types of miso paste and tofu. The second has a huge section of noodles, as well as katsuo-bushi and wasabi powder large size bags.

About the staff, sometimes it's a bit hard to make yourself understand since most of them are chinese and don't speak a fluent Spanish (or don't speak it at all).

I have some info regarding to the Mikado in Basel, I have been there months ago for the first time and it was about to close down, the lady owner unfortunately is not well and her husband has to inevitable stop the business going there after.

Wow, that's a shame to hear :( I wonder if they were doing good business?


Annankatu 20
(09) 622 5553

Tokyokan is special shop for Japanese food, tableware and kitchenware, they also provide sushi courses, kimono and yukata coats, Japanese magazines and cookbooks. Small but very pleasant store!

Est. 1974 according to the sign above the entrance ;-):

Faulmanngasse 5
1040 Wien
Tel: +43 1 586 10 84

Very close to the central market (Naschmarkt) (with a lot of Asian stores) and next to a Onigiri&tea place:
2 rooms, grocery, deep frozen food, tableware, some DVDs.
Very nice and helpful staff.

Chinese supermarket with selection of Japanese things:

Lili Markt
Rechte Wienzeile 29
1040 Wien
Tel. +43-1-5811173




info at nishishop dot ch


For Stockholm, Sweden, there is also
Japanska Torget
Tegnérgatan 6
11358 Stockholm

Sells: Groceries, housewares, etc.
(Across the street from Sun Ai.)

Tokyo-Ya Barcelona
C/ Girona, 119
08009 Barcelona
Tel. 93 652 91 74
Open: Mon-Sat 10:00 ~ 14:00, 17:00 ~ 20:00

This address is between C Valencia and C Mallorca.

I would like to add 'Thai Gourmet' supermarket that you can find japanese ingredients also. This shop is in the center of Barcelona.
Thai Gourmet
C/Comte d'Urgell, 24
08011 Barcelona

Asia Food Store
51, Triq Nazju Ellul

Mob: 79806416

Please do you have creamed corn? and what time do you close? Thanks Victor Calleja.

takuhai in the netherlands is offline for the moment (they are too busy with their new store)
i'm searching for an alternative
I live in Bruges- Belgium and don't feel like going to Brussels (2h drive) every week

If someone has any good store I could use, please post here! Thank you very much!

All over Italy:
NaturaSì is a chain of small supermarket specialized in organic and ecofriendly products, and regularly stores Japanese groceries like sushi rice, soba noodles, umeboshi, various kinds of miso, various kinds of seaweed (wakame, nori, kombu), tofu, seitan, kanten, gomashio, sometimes daikon in the fresh produce section. This list is based on what I can find in my local shop.
The website is http://www.naturasi.it/ or http://www.naturasi.eu/ and it has a list of all of their shop.

In Florence:
Asia Market Di Chen Chongying E C S.N.C.‎
Via Sant'Egidio, 5-red
50122 Firenze
Telephone 055 2342745‎
no website, as far as I know
A tiny shop, a few minutes walking distance from the cathedral church. As the name says, it a "general" Asian grocery store but it stocks several Japanese products.

In Milan:
Kathay International Foodstores
via Rosmini 11 - 20135 Milano - T. 02.33 105 368 -
P.za IV Novembre, 4 - Milano - T.02.669.82.684
email: info@kathay.it
website: http://www.kathay.it/
International food stores, the one in via Rosmini is the main one and also stocks some furniture and accessories and cooking implements. Offers a great selection of Japanese groceries and frozen foods.

Japanese food store in Finland:

Annankatu 24
tel: (09) 622 5553
fax: (09) 622 5552
e-mail: tokyokan@kolumbus.fi
Open mon-fri 10-18, sat 10-15

It's a store specialized in japanese food. We have a large of japanese products and cuisine goods for japanese dishes.

Street: Rua D.Francisco Avilez C.Comercial Orion, Lisboa, Cascais 2750-349
Email: goyo_pt@yahoo.com
Mobile: 00351 969593092 / 00351 969568086

Find us : Facebook

Sweden, Stockholm:

Japanska torget
Tegnérgatan 6

Tel: 08 - 673 58 81
Fax: 08 - 673 69 91


Just an update on the Netherlands, there's a Meidi-ya in Amsterdam (Beethovenstraat 20 1077 Amsterdam, Nederland
020 6737410). It's on the small side, but has a sushi-bar that has sushi freshly made and better than the typical japanese food available in Holland :)

Italy: in Rome-Japanese groceries
The shop Castroni (Via Cola di Rienzo branch) keeps a selection of japanese groceries.

CASTRONI - Via Cola di Rienzo 196, Roma Fax: 06 6874382.

This is another adress to try for Japanese groceries in Rome.

Alimentari orientali roma snc
Piazza Gregorio VII 23/25

hi, i have an update on the Wasabi in basel. i went there the other day to check if they're still there and if they sell bento boxes; so they actually are still in business and they carry a few japanese tableware and craft items. they don't have any bento boxes at the moment, but whenever they go to japan they bring back some. next time they'll go will be november or december 2011. they said the bento boxes they bring usually sell out pretty fast. hope this helps!

Hi, the Japonica rice -called Minori- grown in Spain is available at Tokyo Ya, here the web site with the catalogue


Aggarwal grocery moved to Kernstrasse (next street) towards Migros Wengihof (Kalkbreite). New Asia Market is close by too.

At Aggarwal Langstrasse they only left the restaurant part. They used the empty space put some tables and chairs.

Btw, Tamil shops are around Röntgenplatz. I have no idea, how much Japanese food they offer.

some more shops in vienna, austria:

next to the nippon-ya mentioned above is a store called
"cha no ma" located in faulmanngasse 7, 1040 wien.

it offers green tea in all kinds one can imagine, not only tealeaves and matchapowder, but you can also consume wonderful matcha (in all kinds), greentea sweets and about 12 different sorts of onigiri there.

another one is the "nakwon" (it has not only japanese, but all sorts of asian food and a GIANT range of goods), there are 2 stores in vienna:
one is in zieglergasse 12, 1070 wien
the other one in rotensterngasse 31, 1020 wien.

"yip hint" (run by vietnamese people afaik, but they don't only offer vietnamese things) also has two stores in vienna. they are not as big as nakwon (which is REALLY big. i have been to the yip hint in neulerchenfelderstraße only, perhaps the 2nd is bigger.), but they offer some things i haven't found elsewhere and seem to import the majority of things brought to austria from asia.
neulerchenfelderstraße 32, 1160 wien.
the other one is in favoritenstraße 178 in 1100 wien.

many warm greetings from vienna! :)

I'm interested in the Takuhai website in The Netherlands, but cannot acces it. I'm asked for a username and password. What am I doing wrong???

Maybe their site is just down. (Just Hungry is not associated with any of the stores listed so beyond that I can't really say what is wrong with their site)

Austria, Vienna


Faulmanngasse 5
1040 Vienna
Tel : +43-1-5861084 Mail : office@nippon-ya.at


Does anyone know if the Exotic Asia Market in Lisbon is still in business? I can't seem to find it on google maps and the website's not working.

Many thanks!

are there any asian markets in verona, italy?

Hi Maki,

sorry to bother you again, but the link to ja-mart in Germany does not work. Do they still exist and would that be an alternative to buying at japan centre when living in France? I think the link of japan centre leads somewhere else. Maybe you cab check.

Thank you!

These guys do some fantastic Japanese fusion food: http://www.mallorcacatering.net - they are based in Portals Nous, in Mallorca (Majorca), not too far from Palma. Well worth a visit.

Haru Chan
Rue des Begonias 17
1177 Brussels (Watermael-Bosvoorde)
A great little shop with lots of products and fresh sushi and bread in the weekends, Japanese staff, very friendly.

Tagawa Superstore in Brussels now has a nice site which also allows you to place orders for home-delivery: www.tagawa.eu

There is a nice shop in Estonia as well and they do shipping outside of Estonia as well.

If you are in the area, then they have a daily lunch offer.
Adress of the shop is J. Kunderi 29, Tallinn
Web-shop can be found here: www.hungrymikan.com

August 2015: "Japans & Koreaanse Delicatessen Shilla" - seems to have stopped.
Same for Takuhai (dead link).
The good news: largest national supermarket Albert Heijn (the XL stores) has a Japanese isle with many basics for Japanese cooking mentioned on your website (Soba Noodles, Panko, Firm Tofu, sesame seed, seeweed, wasibi etc.).
Sushitotaal is a reliable online shop http://www.sushitotaal.nl/
Large Asian supermarket in Eindhoven with 2 isles for Japanese food
Overview of Asian supermarkets in the Netherlands: http://www.aziatische-ingredienten.nl/adreslijst/

What do you mean, is Shilla closed? Their website seems to be working: http://shilla-amsterdam.nl/ There are also google reviews from 3 months ago.

I recently found out about this (Dutch) small business which sells organic rice (they have brown rice, beige rice, brown mochi rice), miso and also some beans. You can only order online and they ship to the Netherlands, Luxembourg, France, Germany, Belgium and Austria. I have ordered from them, no complaints. http://www.ken-ran.nl/english/