April is Frugal Food Month on Just Hungry

'Saving money with bento' Re-ment scene

As I have noted over on Just Bento, April will be Frugal Food Month here on Just Hungry (and Frugal Bento Month over on Just Bento).

Personally, saving money has been on my mind a lot these days, as I realize that we need every penny we can scrape together to buy a house that we really like, in an area we really want to be in. While Just Bento will be concentrating on the money saving benefits of making your own lunch, here on Just Hungry I will be talking about a wider range of topics related to frugality and food. Some will be related to this site's main topic, Japanese cooking (and culture), but not all.

Above all though, I hope to keep things fun and not too heavy.

So...stay tuned! :)

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Does this mean that you'll also bring back the series with info on the Japanese accounting books? That was really interesting. :)

Yes please!
I'd also be very interested in this (家計簿 Kakeibo).
I'll be able to pick up a couple next week in Japan, so I'd love to know what to look out for. I'd never come across these until I read about them in this website. Seems like a very good habit to be picking up, goodness knows I need to be frugal this year!