Masterchef Goes Large 2007 finale is tonight!

A quick reminder to everyone within viewing range of BBC Two: the one hour finale of Masterchef Goes Large 2007 is on tonight at 21:00 CET / 20:00 BT! Will it be artistic but palate-deficient Ben, passionate but nervous Hannah, or the man with a fine palate who has a problem with time management, Steven? It's too close to call...and besides last year we all thought Dean was going to win and Peter won instead, so who knows what will happen? Although I haven't written much about this season, it's been a great one, with some amazing challenges. I'm really looking forward to tonight!

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Anyone know what he is doing? Does he have a website?

He was last seen on TV in a show called Take on the Takeaway...though he was not cooking, he was the 'delivery boy'. On a 'where are they now' episode of Masterchef he said he was catering a lot. On this page he says he is working on a cookbook proposal.