Other food blogs: The Hungry Tiger

The Hungry Tiger is named after a character from from Ozma of Oz by L. Frank Baum, and has a charming quote from that book as its subtitle:

"Then why don't you eat something?" she asked.
"It's no use," said the Tiger sadly. "I've tried that, but I always get hungry again."

I have actually tried more recipes from The Hungry Tiger than from any other food blog. The reason for this is that the author (who signs herself as redfox) features a number of delicious sounding vegetarian recipes, especially for the kind of simple, satisfying soups that I love. I'm not really a vegetarian, but I've been much more interested in making tasty meatless dishes recently, and her site is a treasure trove of ideas.

Like all good personal blogs, her site features some great writing too. Ms. redfox has a rather quaint and quirky style and a gentle sense of humor, which is always very entertaining to read.

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Thank you for your very nice review! I like your site, too, and read it all the time--imagine my surprise to come here today and see an entry all about little old me.

I would also love your aunt's ganmodoki recipe, if you are in a position to share it. And yes, my idea of a "squirt" of hot sauce is a pretty generous squeeze of sriracha, so more than one shake of the Tabasco bottle is probably in order.

Sigh. I love reading about food. If I ever get my act together, I want to create a food blog as well.

I enjoyed this review, enough so that I visited, markes some recipes (always striving to cook vegetarian) and put a link on my site as well!

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