New location and new design, moving pains

I have moved Just Hungry to a new server. Because of DNS issues for the next day or so you may not be going to the right location. You will know if you're at the right place if you see a new site design, without the gigantic fennel top. (Edit: oddly enough, seems to be resolving all over, so if takes you to Giant Fennel, please try clicking on plain

If you have been pointing to instead of, please update your links if you can. (You can use either or I will stop posting new entries to the Typepad site after this, though the site will be kept indefinitely (and I may use my Typepad account for something else in the future.)

For newsreader subscribers

I apologize to all current newsfeed readers, especially if you have been getting feeds via's email service. Moving the feed's original location seems to have re-published the last 10 entries as new so you would have gotten ten "new" posts, or worse, ten emails (!). It shouldn't happen again though! (Well not for a long, long while.)

If you've been subscribed to the original feed at or, please update the URL to Thanks!

New design, new location

Yep...I've redesigned again. Comments, bug reports, are welcome. Some pages still may sport the default Movable Type look - I am getting to them.

Of course, my timing is impeccable as usual... the week I decide to redesign and move and cause havoc etc., the site is linked to from both Food and Wine's Blogs Watch and Epicurious editor Tanya Steel's Epi-log. So...if you came here via those places, or anywhere else...hi! I hope you enjoy your visit.

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Congratulations on the new design. The site looks great!

Very nice design. I like it.

It looks very nice,I would like to visit here sometimes.

I love the new look!! Fantastic!!

It looks great! You'll work out your technical issue eventually, I'm sure.

Thank you very much for your comments eveyone...and the DNS seems to be resolving properly now, yay.

Now to get back to the kitchen and start cooking instead of swearing at the computer!

Well done re-design! Love your avatar btw!