Wild garlic ravioli


(Yes, more round food!)

Last April I wrote about a local speciality of sorts, wild garlic, or bärlauch, pesto. It's a type of garlic that only appears in the forests in the spring. We still have about 15 cm / 6 inches of snow on the ground here, which isn't really that usual for mid-March. So spring still feels rather distant.

But today for lunch I had this bärlauch-filled ravioli that is available for for at limited time from Migros no less. (Migros is the dominant supermarket chain in Switzerland.) Wild garlic is milder than garlic cloves, and more garlicky than chives - it's sort of of like nira or Chinese garlic chives, but a bit different. It's really delicious, and tastes like spring.

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*salivates* Hehe

im drooling, too. i had garlic basil fettucine today but wild garlic ravioli sounds even better.

Lovely! I wish I had some right now!

we have wild garlic coming out of our ears what do you suggest we do with it we would love any recipes that you might wish to share.

We also have a good hit of bärlauch, I would like to add something to it for my ravioli,ricotta I think. Any sugestions greatly recieved.
We made Pasta for the first time at the weekend, great results. Tagiateli. The next ones ravioli.