Yep I'm working on a book

A few of you picked on the vague hinting I was doing about this in my last couple of posts and Twittered/emailed me about it. I've been holding off on saying anything publicly because, as with my house hunt situation, I tend to be irrationally fearful of somehow jinxing things before they come to fruition, or something. But I am going to have to cut down my posting frequency drastically here for the next few weeks because a big deadline is looming in October.

So, here is the news: I am working on a book, tentatively titled The Just Bento Cookbook (subject to and very likely to change). It is due out sometime in 2010, date to be determined. It will be pubished by Kodansha International, the International/English language division of Kodansha Limited, the largest publisher in Japan. Kodansha International has previously published titles like Nobu, The Cookbook and Kaiseki. I scared shi...I mean, you know, very honored, to be in such company.

I'm in the throes of working on the first draft, which is due in October. So I am going to have to concentrate all of my writing efforts in that direction. Posts here will be sparse for a while, but I'll try to point you to some goodies from the archives and such. Please be patient with me, as I try to make this baby as good as I can make it.

Since it is a bento cookbook, I've posted some details about it over there.

(The last two books I've reviewed and given away here, Izakaya and The Enlightened Kitchen are also from Kodansha International. They were sent over by my wonderful editor Cathy so that I could see what kind of quality to expect. I was blown away. If my book comes out half as good as those books in terms of the layout and photos and everything, I will be very very happy. By the way, my positive reviews were not influenced by my desire to get a book contract, since I had that in the bag way before I got to see the books!)

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