When it rains it really, really pours


You'd think that having gone through major surgery, radiation therapy, a burglary, my father's death, and all that kind of thing, my life would be so much easier by now.

But, noooo. It's actually sort of worse. It's now the Attack Of The House.

My kitchen is still in flatpack boxes. The Guy has been sanding and painting the walls, and got the undercoat up, and was getting ready to paint. The cabinets were supposed to go up over the weekend, with the countertop guy coming to measure on Monday, but that's been delayed because...suddenly, all the stuff that we had in storage in Switzerland is being delivered on Monday - because the next possible day would be like a few months from now or something. (We put everything from our old house in storage and became nomads for about a year before finding our current house.) That's a couple of hundred boxes worth of stuff (we didn't keep most of our furniture, thank goodness).

We have to frantically organize stuff here so we have enough room to put the boxes. Then, The Guy has to go back to the kitchen and get the cabs up, while I try to organize the stuff that came from Switzerland.

Did I mention that the rest of the house is also still unpainted, and that our absent construction guy comes back next week to resume work half-undone? We still have to go and pick up the paint tomorrow.

And my surgery wound still hasn't closed, and I'm still feeling so tired all the time?

And my eyes are really, really bothering me? (Nothing wrong with them except apparently some side effects of all the illnesses I've been having, plus I finally seem to be needing reading glasses. Ugh.)

The only 'cooking' I've been doing is boiling water for tea and making ramen and stuff. The Guy has continued to gamely try to make dinner and things (mainly pasta) with one rickety hotplate and a tiny toaster oven, and doing dishes in the bathroom sink (still our only water source) but I think for the next few days we are doing fast food. (Which tends to make me feel really awful, but it'll only be for a few days....hopefully.)

So, all kinds of h*ll and sh*t and other four-letter words are breaking out at the moment. Please bear with me and my lack of updates, yet again. Maybe one day I'll get to experience 'normal life' again. -_0

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