What inspires you to cook?

I was interviewed recently by Tempting Places, a French online travel magazine. Here's the interview (it's in French ^_^;), and there are also a couple of recipes - one for Nibuta or poached and marinated pork, which is a simplified version of the recipe here, and another for mushrooms steamed with sake and ginger, which I'll put into English and post here soon.

The reporter asked me quite a few interesting questions. One was about what inspires me to cook. In my reply I said travel, restaurants, roaming around markets, even supermarkets, and so on. But other possibilities were brought up. Movies can definitely inspire - who hasn't seen Big Night and wanted to make that timpano? Books can too - I can't read things like The Pickwick Papers or the Anne of Green Gables series without wanting to bake a cake or tackle some plum preserves or something.

But the one that really made go 'huh, I never even thought of that one' was music. I can't really say that music has ever inspired me to cook something. Another one that has never inspired me personally is art - I love art, and I know that food is depicted often in art - but do I want to bite into an apple after seeing some Cezanne paintings? Not really. Somehow, art and food and appetite don't quite connect together in my brain.

What about you? What inspires you to cook? Have you been inspired by a piece of music, or a work of art, to go into the kitchen?

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