Restaurant authenticity verifier poll results

Here are the results of the latest poll, which asked the question: Should there be more restaurant authenticity verifiers? The poll results with comments and nifty graphics are here.

  • Yes, I want to know if the food I'm eating is authentic. = 43% (80 votes)
  • No, it's a bad idea - 49% (91 votes)
  • Other - 6% (12 votes)
  • Don't know - 2% (3 votes)

The "No" votes edged out the "Yes" votes, but it wasn't an overwhelming choice. Some strong opinions were expressed in the comments, especially from the "No" camp, many of whom regarded this as an elitist, or money-wasting, activity, especially when conducted by government entities. Quite a few people had a problem with the Japanese government doing this, because of their mixed encounters with Japanese versions of (insert name of other cuisine here). (Though as I've stated before, I don't think that's the point - they are talking strictly of Japanese cuisine, and there's nothing to prevent anyone from inspecting 'ethinc' cooking in Japan and nailing its authenticity, or lack thereof.)

One interesting comment from Michelle:

Here in Australia the Italians have been doing authenticity inspections for about 5 years. You don’t see the stickers in many Aussie windows, and it doesn’t deter me from eating in an Italian joint if they don’t have one, but the places that do are always the tastiest. The hole in the wall Italian place in the suburbs near our old house was certified and was some of the cheapest and tastiest Italian food outside (or inside) Italy.

If authenticity checking can lead to the discovery of places that may not get a lot of publicity otherwise, but serve great food, I'm all for that.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the poll, and look for another poll soon!

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