More on the new theme

Thank you for all of your comments about the new theme/event! I have been mulling over it, and I while I still haven't decided on the name yet, I have more or less decided on what it will be:

  • It will concentrate on a particular ingredient, or in some cases a set/pair of ingredients, that are an integral part of Japanese cooking.
  • We'll stay away from anything that is wildly expensive (e.g. tuna ootoro, wagyuu) since after all, those things are not really a part of home cooking. Most things should be obtainable by mail order, but perhaps not all - I haven't nailed down the list yet.
  • There will be no substitutions. I suggest substitutions all the time, but for this particular theme I want people to not only learn how to cook something, but also how it should taste, look and so on. I think that variations and substitutions are most successful when you know how the original thing you are varying from should be like.

I hope it will be interesting to follow along with. As I said before, I plan to start the first round in January or so.

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