Lunch, lunch and more lunch

Google's fancy and free cafeteria has been buzzing the blogs recently, but here are some more lunch links.

  • Mari - Diary has links to some Japanese web pages about shashoku, or company cafeteria food. Some examples: Montblanc in Hamburg, Germany serves what looks like a Dampfnudel (steamed dumpling) filled with cherries and served with custard and cream - as a main course! Softbank, a tech company in Japan, has a cafeteria that looks either terribly kitschy or very chic, depending on your point of view.
  • Weight Loss Success Stories, a blog about - well, weight loss, notes that the Google Cafeteria's offering may help their fast-food addicted new employees lose weight because they are so healthy. If only the rest of us had their chefs...
  • If your company doesn't have a great cafeteria but you're always rushed for time, Edible Tulip offers tips on how to make a very healthy and delicious looking Everything But The Kitchen Sink Salad in no time flat, to tote along to work.
  • And if you are working from home, The Hungry Tiger tells you how to cook a savory porridge. Not sure how I feel about savory oatmeal...I'll have to try it.

My ideal lunch would be a properly made obento, with that nice balance of carbs (usually rice) and other things, the okazu. Unfortunately I rarely have the time ro make a proper obento...I usually end up just eating some fruit or something. I should really try to change that. Here is a great LiveJournal community dedicated to obento lunches.

What did you have for lunch today?

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What is served in that cafeteria in Hamburg is Germknödel, an Austrian sweet dish. It is a yeast dumpling filled with plum jam, not with cherry as the Japanese explanation says. Served with vanilla sauce and topped with butter and poppyseeds it is not really low on calories, but tastes soooo good!

Ahh..I see. I was wondering what the heck "gerumukuneederu" was! (the romaji for it..) Thanks Julia!

(about that article..we we also wondering when the heck Hamburg sprouted mountains... :P)

At least there seem to be Germknödelmountains :)
It says something about Baden Style Germknödel, what might be an explanation for the different filling.. but actually, i am from that area (Baden) and Germknödel aren't a traditional dish from there at all.. and it is also not very famous for cherries. Uuhm, whatever, i am sure it is quite yummie too :)

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