How to get rid of craft and cooking books?

This is a mostly non-food related question. I have hinted around about this a bit, but I'm in the process of moving (not sure where yet, but that's another story!) and I'm taking this as a good opportunity to seriously declutter. I have a bunch of cookbooks and craft books in Japanese and English that I want to part with.

Most of the books I want to find homes for are in new or very good condition. No splattered books with stuck-together pages! There are a few that are a bit worn, but are out of print so may have a rarity value.

The question is, what's the best way to do it? eBay? Etsy? Amazon Marketplace? Something else? Put up a list here and see who wants something?

Anything left over will go to a local used book store, but I wouldn't mind making a little moving-cost money from them.

Your suggestions?

[Update:] Thank you for your suggestions so far! I think I will start with a list here, and then move onto the other options. Given that for most people the shipping will be overseas, I'll put a very small price on the books themselves, since my primary goal is to find good homes for them. (Thinking about donating the proceeds to a charity like the World Food Programme too.) Stay tuned :)

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