An article about Kyoto in Asia Eater, a brand new magazine about food


I have an article in the premier issue of a brand new food magazine called Asia Eater. Published by Sabre Media, a company in Bangkok, Thailand and printed in Singapore, it's a quarterly printed magazine all about food. As their website states:

Asia Eater is a quarterly print magazine about Asian food and food culture in Asia. Through features, essays, photo series, guest contributions, interviews and recipes we aim to cover all aspects of Asian food and drink including cooking, eating, farming, production, sustainability, trends and chefs. The magazine does not feature restaurant reviews nor any paid content.

I just received a copy of the first issue, and I really love it. It's really refreshing to see a brand new print magazine in this day and age anyway, but one dedicated to food? From Asia? That's not all about poncey restaurant reviews, but rather features in-depth articles about food, interviews with chefs, and even some recipes? I'm in, even if I didn't have an article in there. Each feature is copiously illustrated with full color photographs (including mine) too. It's slightly smaller than regular magazines, sort of a National Geographic size but wider, so I can see keeping the issues for referring to again and again. I highly recommend it if you are interested in Asian cuisine in general. The first issue has articles about Vietnam, Thailand, Japan and a lot more.

My article is about the kanmidokoro, or traditional tea and sweets restaurants, of Kyoto, with a bit of the long history of wagashi in that historic town. If you enjoyed my Postcards from Kyoto series or plan to visit Kyoto someday, I think you will enjoy it.

In any case, as I said it's really nice to see a well put together food magazine make its debut. Check it out!

  • Asia Eater website
  • I'm was interviewed by editor in chief Terry Blackburn for the latest edition of their podcast too. (I have such a hard time listening to my own voice. >.<)

ETA: You can also buy a digital copy from this link (Sorry I forgot to mention that earlier!)

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