Top Chef Season 2, Episode 7: Role Reversals

I almost forgot that there was a new Top Chef episode last week, and since I was away from home I didn't get to watch it until tonight. Therefore this is a very brief recap.

The theme of this episode seems to be role reversals: much maligned Marcel wins the Quickfire challenge and gets immunity. Then the women end up as top three and the boys who are usually on top - Sam, Cliff and Frank - end up as the bottom three in the Elimination challenge.

The challenges themselves were good, especially the Raw Food theme of the Quickfire. I am only peripherally aware of the whole Raw Food movement, but there's no doubt that a lot of people believe in it, some to an almost fanatical level, and it looks like it may be a food fad or trend that will be with us for some time anyway. Of course none of the chefs did anything that outrageous - fresh fruit and vegetables are made for eating raw anyway. The Breakfast On The Beach challenge was a bit gimmicky - excuse to get some bodacious surfer babes on the screen? - but fun.

I thought Frank's Quickfire dish of scallop carpaccio looked the most interesting - but yet, he was the one eliminated. I guess it's because they thought that Sam and Cliff were definite frontrunners to win the whole thing. I thought that Sam showed some sour grapes (at the risk of offending all the Sam fans).

So on to the next round. It's getting more and more interesting, and I can't believe Michael is still there! I wonder what his odds for actually winning are...

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