Food Destinations Update

A quick update on the Food Destinations event: I've extended the deadline by a week, to the 17th, but by all means if yours is done by the 10th please send it in! The reason I'm extending the deadline is simply that I'm unexpectedly busy beyond words and I don't think I can reasonably summarize the entries soon after the 10th.

Please keep in mind also that the deadline is only if you want to be eligible for one of the 3 prize packs. If you happen to stumble upon the Food Destinations after the deadline but want a link back to your reviews, please don't hesitate to contact me.

And yes, about those prize packs...well, I wouldn't mind getting any of them myself! Hopefully they should appeal to any foodie. I'll be posting pictures/descriptions of what they might contain as soon as I can. Stay tuned!