Zurich shopping news: Best of British store opening

(This item is only of interest if you live in Switzerland, specifically in the Zürich area. Everyone else, just move along.)

The Cheese Club (previously), a mailorder purveyor of fine British and other artisanal cheeses, is teaming up with Spiffing Ales, a microbrewery specializing in British style ales, to open a Best Of British store in Thalwil, ZH. The official opening date is November 1, but they'll be open tomorrow (Thursday Oct. 29) and Friday from 15:00 - 19:00 for a 'practice run'. On November 1st they'll have their grand opening from 10:00 - 19:00, and thereafter they'll be open to the public on Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and early evenings (the rest of the time they'll be doing wholesale; consult their web sites for more info when they're posted).

Besides cheese and beer, other British delicacies like back bacon and sausage, handmade pies, tea and biscuits, Christmas puddings and more are promised.

The address is 11 Seestrasse, 8800 Thalwil. The nearest SBB station (and parking) is at Obberieden BH, a 3 minutes walk away. Map. See also.

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"British delicacies like back bacon and sausage"
XD As a British person, this made me giggle. It's strange how everyday things from your own country, are considered exotic to people from other countries.

Actually, the ones who go on and on about back bacon and British sausages are the Brit expats...

I myself don't mind local bacon at all :P

Actually, the ones who go on and on about back bacon and British sausages are the Brit expats.

I agree!

read your comments with interest & find them most interesting. Are there really Sfr. 500 notes? I havent seen any here! Maybe you meant 1000 notes!

Hello, does anyone know if they sell Heinz Salad Cream - have looked everywhere in Zurich and no joy to date. If negative looking for a salad cream 'mule' any offers let me know!!! Thanks

You could try calling them up! Otherwise, I think I have seen Heinz Salad Cream at Globus in Zürich, in the gourmet food department (in the 'international food' section). Or, there is a mailorder store called Britshop that sells it too.