What I'm writing on my other blogs

I love to write, but sometimes I want to write about things other than food, believe it or not. Here are a couple of things I've written recently on my other blogs:

  • I've recently started a blog about language and communication, called Hungry For Words. (Long time readers of Just Hungry may remember when this site used to be on Typepad...I've kept my Typepad account, and was thinking about letting it go, but decided to do something with it. Besides, some old forum posts and so on were still pointing to the Typepad address.) I speak about 2.75 languages and have always been interested in how the way people communicate and the words used influence culture and society, or is it vice versa? The most recent entry is about how a common greeting in Japanese shows how inter-reliant people are in Japanese society.
  • On my catch-all personal site, I wrote about the effectiveness of using Wii Sports for fitness.

At the moment I'm down with yet another cold (this has been a very bad season for me and colds)...I hope you are keeping warm and healthy wherever you are!

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Sorry to hear about you having another cold!
However, my favorite newspaper (The Washington Post) just printed a recipe for my favorite hot toddy (made with gin!) from my favorite bar (PS7 in DC). So here's a link, in the hopes that if you make it, it will help you feel a little better.


P.S. I am not affiliated with the Post, PS7 or the ever growing hot toddy industrial and marketing machine.