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More site housekeeping: I get quite a lot of emails that request certain recipes or ask questions of a general nature. Rather than reply in an email, which helps one person, I usually prefer to reply in the form of an entry here. So (though I may live to regret this!) I've made my list of upcoming planned recipes and other articles public. You can take a look there to see what I am working on or planning to write up. (There's a permanent link to the page from the contact form as well as in the footer about area of every page.

Keep in mind that it can take me a while to posting an article, especially recipes, since I do make each recipe to make sure the amounts and so on are right. I need to do this even for recipes I've been making for years, since for regular cooking I don't really measure out things. Sometimes that can take quite a lot of retries - for example, the no-knead desem bread took me about 2 months to get the right proportions! So please be patient even if you see it on the list.

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