Uh..uh...beetle larvae shaped chocolates

Chocolate. It's such a lovely, malleable substance. It can be shaped into anything really. Anything.

But, one wonders what kind of twisted mind came up with this idea...chocolates shaped like kabutomushi (rhinocerous beetle) larvae!

Avert your eyes if you are squeamish. You may not want to read this while you're eating.

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They look somehow uh, worse, in multiples.


According to Yahoo! Japan News (Japanese), these were displayed at a 'regional products fair' at a department store in Akita, which is in northern Japan. They are made by a confectionery maker. They've been so popular at the fair that they've been selling out within an hour every day. Apparently they have been a big hit because they are so kimo kawaii (a combination of kimochiwarui, or 'gross out!' and kawaii). As a matter of fact, according to the maker's website (Japanese of course), they have been so inundated with orders that people who order will receive the product after April.

The larvae bodies are made of milk chocolate with crunchy 'flakes', covered with white chocolate, with dried cuttlefish (sakiika, a popular beer snack) for the legs and orange peel for the mouth. Each one is 4.5 cm (almost 2 inches) long.

If these are too tame for you, they make them in an adult flavored version (with a rum-laced ganache). They also have some virulently colored potato grubs (imomushi), which are made of bean paste (an).

Yes I know, Japanese people are weird. Kimokawaii!

(If you are in Tokyo, it seems the maker is selling the little buggers at the Chocosweets Exhibition at Sunshine City in Toshima-ku.)

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I must be a sick and twisted individual, but I think those are adorable!

I think they are cute too! I like their little orange peel mouths. I question the idea of chocolate + cuttlefish, though... do they go together? (I have never tried dried cuttlefish so for all I know it could be a taste sensation!)

Thanks for sharing. I think it's ewww and cute at the same time. The Japanese do have a way of making things really interesting.....chocolate/sweets and larvae!

Definitely kinda cute. But you know, Maki, the chocolate käfer season will be upon you soon in Switzerland. Not so different from this. (OK, the Swiss ones are maybe a little less anatomically correct...) :)

(Oh, and thanks for the link the other day!)

Hi Diane! Nah, Maierhäfer are cute...these are cute/gross :P

(OK, the very big Maierhäfer are a bit gross...)

...but I don't think I'd be very comfortable eating them. I know that they're chocolate, but it would still feel like I was eating a bug!

But they're not so gross if you compare them to the candies made in the US (I think the US at least) that have real bugs inside! :P

I would not be squeamish about eating them because they look like bugs...

I would absolutely not eat that chocolat because...yuck...cuttle fish...are they serious?

Dried fish with milk chocolat..no way!

I had the real things in Thailand, so I guess eating these little chocolate buggers won't be such a big deal.