Top Chef Season 3 starts June 6 with an all-star competition

It only seems like yesterday (actually it was in January) that season 2 of Top Chef ended, leaving many of us baffled and rather disillusioned at the Ilan over Marcel decision. Nevertheless, season 3 is already looming on the horizon. It's set to kick off on June 6, with a season 1 vs. season 2 All-Star Clash. It'll be the final four of season 2 vs. the final four, minus LeeAnne Wong (who is presumably not included since she's on the show's staff, so to speak) but with everyone's love-to-hate-him target Stephen Asprinio. Marcel vs. Stephen! I have to admit I am looking forward to that at least.

Some more highlights according to the press release after the fold:

  • There will be 15 contestants.
  • The venue will be Miami Beach. Actually the show is called "Top Chef 3: Miami" apparently. This seems appropriate since Miami Beach is now supposed to be the 'hot new food spot' in the US, and Bravo and Top Chef are about being superficially Trendy if nothing else. I look for a contestant who prints out his food a la Homaru Cantu or makes his own cutlery a la Grant Achatz this season.
  • Queer Eye Ted Allen will be a regular judge. Not sure if this is good or bad. I'd have rather seen Bourdain, but I guess he's too dangerous. Tom Colicchio and Gail Simmons are back too.
  • Padma Lakshmi is back as the mostly irrelevant host. Given the new subtropical venue, she will have plenty of chances to wear Daisy Dukes and low cut frilly tops.
  • LeeAnne is back with her "Wong Way To Cook"web videos - now that's good news.
  • Everyone and their brother, sister and therapist will have a blog about the show on the Bravo TV website.

Read the full press release on the futon critic.

I'm not sure if I will be doing recaps again for the new season. When I (rather inadvertently) started my episode recaps in season 1, there weren't many people blogging about the show. Last season there were tons, and there's bound to be way more this season. And, season 2 really disappointed me. I'll reserve my judgement until after the first couple of episodes, but at this point it's more likely that I won't be recapping every single episode. (Besides, I'll be offline for the first 3-4 episodes.) In the meantime though the best official blog last season was LeeAnne's, and I'm sort of looking forward to what Marcel has to say. If you're a Top Chef junkie there will be plenty to occupy your time.

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