Whatever lame April Fools' jokes you may encounter today, there is none better than the Swiss Spaghetti Harvest

Today, you will be encountering many lame (and perhaps a handful of not-lame) April Fools' Day jokes. But there really is none better, than the Swiss Spaghetti Harvest.

I know I keep bringing it up every year on this day, but it really is that good.

Here's a fairly acceptable YouTube version:

The attention to detail is quite good too - the boccalini used at table looks very authentically Ticinese!

Also quite funny, and very well made, is the New Jersey Spaghetti Harvest:

More spaghetti related chuckles - allegedly a banned Ikea commercial. Hmm, it's also time for spring cleaning!

Happy April Fools' Day!

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When i was a growing up there used to a be a restaurant in sydney called the old spaghetti factory.
The lobby walls were covered in old black & white and sepia pics of people harvesting Spaghetti.
I used to love that restaurant pity it closed down.