Swiss restaurant news: blindekuh "blind eating" restaurant group owner honored

A couple of years ago, I wrote about our visit to a most unusual Zürich restaurant, the blindekuh, where sighted people can experience what it's like to dine in total darkness. Yesterday it was announced that the founder of the chain Stefan Zappa, was honored as the Swiss Social Entrepreneur of the Year.

According to the story, "The "Blind-Liecht" charitable foundation was set up in December 1998 by Zappa, a partially sighted psychologist, with help from three other blind people."

It's still the most unusual restaurant experience I've ever had. If you have a chance to visit Zürich, I'd highly recommend a visit there if you want a dinner you'll never forget. There is a blindekuh restaurant (it seems it's officially spelled in lowercase) in Basel also.

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If anyone is interested in this concept, there's restaurant in London called Dans le Noir which does a similar thing. I've been planning on going there for a while!

Montreal (Canada) also has a similar restaurant called O.Noir. Here's a review:

Actually, the American TV series CSI: Crime Scene Investigation featured a restaurant like this in one of their episodes in 2007. Specifically episode 8x02, A La Cart.

The restaurant used in the episode was based on a West Hollywood restaurant called Opaque. (I just found this out)

I had no idea that kind of restaurant actually existed until now.

It seems that the blindekuh was the first restaurant of this kind, according to this NYT article:

They consult with other organizations to help them set up similar restaurants too (according to the article linked in my post)

Interesting that the concept has spread to so many cities now!