Swiss food bloggers?

I received a lovely email from Myriam of Once Upon A Tart, a beautiful food blog unknown to me up until now. I should have, since she is a food blogger in Zürich - just a few kilometers (or miles, whatever) away from where I sit now. This did get me thinking though about Swiss food bloggers - or to be strict about it, food bloggers who write from Switzerland. (The very popular 1x umrühen bitte is written from Andalusia, Spain I think.)

So far, besides Once Upon A Tart, I know only of a handful of Swiss-based food blogs. There's posie's place from Basel, the red kitchen from somewhere near Zürich, Veggie Chic from Zürich, and sooshi (in French) from somewhere in the Romandie. That's not a lot I know. What other Swiss-based food blogs am I missing? (I feel another list brewing here, similar to my Expat Food Bloggers.)

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I mainly use it as a place to record not to write, but I guess technically it's a blog and I am in Switzerland (Basel), so:

You can count me in with the Swiss blogs :-) I've also moved to Switzerland now and am living in Basel since October.

I think it's high time we have a Zurich food bloggers get-together! A potluck, perhaps?

Judging from a name, is firewood completely a Japanese? Or will it be married the mother country of my Andy globefish, a Swiss person?
It is the site that is pretty even if I take it. Please send Japanese culture to the people of a lot of countries steadily from now on.

Not sure if people still check, but I am sort of the new kid on the blog when it comes to bloggers from Switzerland. I live in Zurich and have only recently started writing about my love for food :)
Hope to stay connected with y'all!

what's a great blogger, nice!