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You may have noticed that you can now comment here and on Just Bento without moderation. I'm seeing if it works out - so far the anti-spam measures seem to be holding up. (You do still have to pass at terribly difficult math test...) I hate comment spam - to me it's the interweb equivalent of someone walking their dog on your lawn and leaving a poop. But on the other hand I know it can be a bit frustrating to see your comment not be displayed immediately. So, we'll see how it goes...if problems arise I'll turn moderation back on. And by the way I will not tolerate any attempts to spam using humans either. It's ok to contact me to mention your new site or whatever, but do not leave comments pimping it. It's absolutely fine to include your URL when you are leaving a viable comment, or link to something that is relevant, but (Occasionally I do a 'tell me about your new site' kind of post, and that's the only time the pimpin' is ok.)

(And yes I know the site was down this afternoon. The server had a bit of a conniption. Always happens when I'm not in to take care of it, of course.)

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For Word Press I use Spam Karma 2 and it works perfectly. No spam at all gets through, and when I bother to check, there are no false positives. And the thing is, it has worked for two or more years, despite the fact that you'd think spammers would have reverse engineered it and worked around it.

I do get a small amount of "manual spam" (technically not "spam" per se) where people doing SEO work will manually search for posts on a certain topic and then make content-free comments with links back to sites being promoted. Nevertheless the number is small, it's easy to delete, and ISP IP blocking gets rid of people who can't get the message.

I also get a few comments from idiots making vulgar comments, which I also just manually delete.

That's about what I do also Mark, though these sites don't run on Wordpress. The manual SEO pimpers are the most annoying ones that don't/can't get caught at the moment, sort of like stubborn cockroaches.