News about The Just Bento Cookbook, and no I'm not abandoning Japanese food!

As if the excitement, or stress, depending on how you look at it, of the move to France and the new/old house wasn't enough, on Monday I got word from my publisher that my bento cookbook was sent off to the printers finally! I have lots more news about it over on Just Bento, in case you don't follow things over there.

Someone asked me after yesterday's post if my move to Provence meant "the end of my Japanese food adventures". Absolutely not! Wherever I move - and I've been a nomad all my life - I'll always be Japanese, and Japanese food will always be my "home" culinarically. I actually think that Provençal cooking and Japanese cooking have a lot in common - both are based on fresh ingredients, prepared quite simply to bring out the best in those ingredients rather than masking their flavors. Provençal cooking is not at all over-sauced or over-spiced for instance, and neither is most Japanese cooking.

But as I said already in yesterday's post, I do plan to make much more frequent trips to Japan now too. So Japanese food (and Japanese travel/commentary/etc.) fans, don't worry! There's much more for you to come here.

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hello, last year you wrote a post about beating summer heat japanese style. Everyday im already giving my all at practicing the ice cream/cube diet and the neko-ninjutsu but the heat is nonetheless proving to be a formidable enemy. so if you have any other tricks (especially office friendly) up your sleeve then i would be very grateful if you shared some in another post.

on another topic, november is way too far away... :(

ほん は おめでとう ございました !

You must speak french now do you?

Si tu ne comprends pas c'est pas grave, I've ordered the book already on amazon, I'll be waiting for it then I'm so excited about it!!!

Ha! I just placed an order too but with The Book Depository. It IS a long time to wait. Bon courage.

Just made ume hachimitsu from your recipe and it is sooo delicious. Should I store the ume in the honey vinegar solution or take it out and put it in a separate jar after 3 weeks?

Wow... congrats.. so excited. Love you blog. I have been following for a bit and just wanted to say that you are an inspiration. Thanks for posting.

Hello Itoh-san, i don't know if you'll see this post (I hope you do!) but I just wanted to say how much I love your book! I just bought it, and for once in my life I'm desperate to go back to school so I can make one of the lunches! I love cooking, and could spend hours just reading through your recipes and tips, it is so absorbing! Also, congratulation on getting published! You (I don't think) didn't start this blog with the intention of it resulting in a cookbook getting published, but boy am I glad it did ^_^ please keep up the dedication, and thank you for keeping a new generation of people out of debt and "Weight Watchers" haha

Hi Grateful, thanks for buying my book! Please be sure to follow JustBento also, which is just about bentos. ^_^

SO excited to find/order this book!!!

日本から  <3!!!