Maki on the radio!

I was interviewed on WRS Geneva, an English-language radio station in Geneva (Genève), Switzerland, this past Tuesday, on their food programme called Stir It Up. The MP3 is up now for download (link now corrected!), so if you want to know how I sound, with a stuffed nose (from allergies...agh!) complete with my totally mixed up accent, my segment starts after the rhubarb at around 9:45. It might be of interest to people who want to know why I started blogging about Japanese food after moving to Switzerland of all places. (Cross-posted to Just Hungry and Just Bento.)

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I heard your radio interview – very nice voice you have! You were so calm and in control, I think I would have been so nervous, I would have forgotten my own name.

Well done – and thank you for sharing this with us.

"Food/ the tastes from home" - Exactly the way I feel about Japanese food and I understandd just why you started cooking it yourself. You were too modest to say it, but your sushi is probably much better than that in any local restaurant.

Nice interview. I enjoyed it.


I thought that I would be much more nervous than I was. It was actually a lot of fun! You can really 'say' more in a shorter amount of time than by writing.

Hi Maki,

Congrats! I haven't been able to listen to it yet, but I am sure it is a great interview.

Hello Maki, sugoi desu ne!!! Congratulations!

First, Maki on the radio. Next, Maki on TV! I would SO watch a food show by you :) Heck, I'd even buy cable for that!

Wow, congrats to be on a radio show!!! Just listened to it fantastic! Love your blog!