Kill It, Cook It, Eat It is back too

I just realised that Kill It, Cook It, Eat It, the BBC Three show that brings you into a real working abattoir, is also back for another series (season) starting tonight at 10:30PM BT/11:30PM CET (also repeated at 12:45AM/1:45AM). I mentioned it yesterday as one of my top food TV shows of last year. It will be shown every night for this week, and the lineup looks interesting, to say the least. They are going for the baby animals...

  • Monday (today): Suckling Pig
  • Tuesday: Kid Goat
  • Wednesday: Veal
  • Thursday: Milk Fed Lamb
  • Friday: Omnibus (recap of the week I guess)

For more information, see the BBC Three site.

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after watching approx 5mins of wht was a prog with a live audience and abbatoir i was put off infact put off is mild to how i actually feel rite now i was mortified my stomach churned and the tears ran down my face watching with sheer horror 8wk old piglets been taken from their mum and field for where they once lived a happy life a good quality of life said the farmer, to be led to the abbatoir by the farmer himself not knowing wht was in store for them, happily trotting oblivious together up the walkway to where the man with the stun gun got the first piglet then all went downhill for me im afraid as i couldnt watch much more and talk about putting someone off eating meat i can see why folk turn to be vegetarians, its much simpler than thinkin of wht i watched each time you have a mouthful of meat. god tht was horrific should be banned from tv totally

Yeah it is much simpler to turn a blind eye, no matter the issue.

And why was it horrific? It sounds as if the piglet had a nice life...8 weeks.

It even had the joy of not beeing castrated without pain killers like all male piglets have to endure it because meat from uncrastated males *could* taste a bit strong.

It even had fresh gras and sunlight and could drink mothers milk.

Not as long as the 4 months piglets normally do, but 4 weeks longer than farm piglets are normally allowed.

Because then you can faster reimpregnate the it had a happy life and it did not know the horror of beeing transported for hours with dozen of other piglets to the slaughterhouse.

It did not know what came, it had no fear for hours like other animals which are lead to slaughter.

So why do you call it cruel? Normal farming practice is much more cruel.

Like killing half of the fresh hatched chickens of the egg laying breed because they are male and can not lay eggs...

Not the horrific stuff on tv should be banned, it just shows the truth evn if in a weak form.

What should be banned is the cruelty in the first place.

But that will not happen if people whine about oh so cruel tv shows and want to play the three apes..nothing bad seen, heard or told, also there is nothing bad happening.

Stop the tv shows so animals are tortured far far away from where we can catch a glimpse of such things, so we can consume the products without tears.

So if somewhere a pet or a child would be tortured you would also choose to turn a blind eye for the sake of your pink painted happy go lucky world image?

Are you one of these persons that look straight ahead and walk away when a guy hits his girl friends, kicks her when she goes down?..when a child is screaming and kicking while dragged away, screaming for mummy or daddy to save it you put your fingers in the ear because bad things do not happen if you can not witness them?

Yeah it hurts, i cry and i scream sometimes and i am sad...but i stand up for myself and do something so my children may have the chance to live in a better world.

The world will not get better on its own..everyone has to work for that

My only concern is that we only see the highest standards - best of the farming, and excellence in slaughter techniques. Those piglets really were reared beautifully. What this show never shows you (no more than a mere glimpse anyway) is how the majority of pigs are raised... in sunless warehouses on concrete and metal grills. Or what goes on in other abattoirs (the show's butcher will usually confide that he has seen carcasses where the slaughter process has gone wrong - so the reassurances that trained vets are always on hand and don't let these things happen can't be true everywhere).

The show is a great motivator for people to spend a little more and source their meat from well managed free range farms which send their livestock to responsible abattoirs. Unfortunately, I'm sure people who just buy cheap battery farm meat also watch this show and feel reassured that the pig in their value pack sausages was treated in exactly the same way.

I used to spend my summer holidays on small Spanish farms and have seen plenty of animals reared and killed, but I gave up eating meat a long time ago when I learned how the meat industry differed to my own experiences (I ended up compromising and now eat fish). It's not the animal's death that drove me to vegetarianism, it's the poor excuse for a life we give them.

I'm really happy that this (and the previous series) has been shown. I just wish it went further and showed the lives the majority of livestock lead... not just the elite few destined for already enlightened consumers prepared to pay a little extra for their welfare (both the animals and their own).

Like Jamie Oliver did with the hatched chicklings during the dinner he made and told the people to choose the male which have then been killed?

It was strong stuff and i hope it made an impact on some people