I send Happy Earth Day greetings to you all with pictures of virile vegetables

Spring onions! Look at those virile roots.

Spring Onions

Fresh, still-moist garlic!

Fresh Garlic

Artichokes! Oh my, what artichokes!


What better way to celebrate Earth Day than with local, organically grown vegetables?

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What better way to celebrate? Eating those veges, of course!

Lovely images to celebrate Earth Day! I took a photo of daffodils in my garden this morning, and sent it to friends around the world.

Daffodil pictures - how wonderful! (Though they aren't edible...yes i'm fixated on the edible... ^_^;)

Lovely pics! The colours are so beautiful, even on the garlic, which I never would have though of as being pretty before!

I had no idea that onions could look so, well... sexy... like a cowboy or a farmer standing all dusty on your front porch after a long hot day of in the muck and mud. He takes off his hat, knocks it against his knee and says with a nod of his head, "Evening, hun." The logical part of your brain thinks, "OOOooo, dirty, yuck!" but the smart, earthy part says, "Dang... sexy!"... you know THAT kind of sexy. ~_^ ... What can I say, your pictures inspired me! ^_^
Aloha! Laurel

Wow Laurel, you're getting me all hot under the collar... great description! :)