Hi, still alive

Hi everyone. I am alive and getting better. I actually had a tonsillectomy (hi Yoko I got it done finally); this winter I had two very bad bouts with tonsillitis and thought those things best be gone. At the moment I am feeling quite blah (probably the meds), and somehow quite depressed for some reason I can't put a finger on. I'm not supposed to be doing anything too stressful for a while, and surfing the internets right now really gets me down even more - can't explain that either. My throat is too uncomfortable yet to eat anything (even ice cream is sort of irritating, so I'm mainly drinking fluids...) - I don't have much of an appetite, though I keep on thinking about the smell of butter melting in a hot pan. And bacon. But not bacon in butter. Weird.

Anyway, I'll return to duty around here when I'm back to my own self. Thank you for all your good wishes!

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Hi Maki,

Sounds like a bout of winter depression or withdraws from the surgery. I had a similar episode and it was tough to get out of, but I did and am confident you will.


I hope you'll feel better soon.

Tonsillectomy is quite uncomfortable, I had one but when I was really young (about 5 y/o), but I still remember it very well.

I don't know how is the weather where you leave, but it can also be a factor for this "depression".

Deep breath, the worst is over now.

best wishes from France.

Hi Maki!
I am so sorry, I didn't even know that you had tonsil stuff going on.
I am thinking you are right about the meds making you feel bad. I know I feel pretty yuckie when I get to go on meds.
Get some rest, and take care!

Hi Maki,
I'm new just started reading your site (and making your recipes! :-) ) I think your feeling depressed from the meds. Last time I had surgery I was so depressed afterward. The doctor said anethesia causes depression after surgery.
Get some rest and it will eventually pass!

I get very depressed when I'm laid up too! And winter....yeeesh! Best wishes for feeling better and blogging again - I really miss your entries.

I'm glad to hear you got your tonsils out! I was only able to drink lots of cold water the first few days, then only jello and okayu (and totally got sick of both), and only after that able to eat soft foods, cautiously. But you'll get to normal eating habits soon.

I don't know how it is for you, but I found that the antibiotics I took post-surgery made me depressed. I don't know how that could be, but I felt better once I was off them.

Wishing you a full recovery, and bacon afterwards! Odaiji ni!

I hope you feel better soon. I know antibiotics and stuff can mess my mood up, I hope that's all it is. I've missed reading your posts this week. Rest up and take care of yourself!

Feel better soon! I really enjoy your blog, and I love reading all your cool ideas, but I'd rather you felt well than I got to read more!

Find a sunshiney spot and sip something that you loved when you were a kid. And please, feel better soon.

Feel better soon and I hope that your gloom lifts. :)

Hi, hope you're feeling better real soon. I've had surgery and felt blah too, so I can relate.
Take care. :)

Get better soon!

get well soon! but at least you can look forward to a pain-free winter next year I suppose :)

get well soon, maki, we miss your bentos !!

Sorry to hear that you're feeling blah - it's possibly a reaction to the anaesthetic, I know I felt fairly rough for a good two weeks after a general anaesthetic while it worked its way out of my system.

Take care, rest lots, and hopefully you'll be feeling better soon.

I am very pleased that you are headed towards getting better!

Aww, get better soon! Everyone misses you :)

I'm a lot better now, and getting back my cooking mojo. Thank you everyone for your kind words :) (sorry I was rather whiny in this post too...I was feeling rather down when I wrote it. Closing the comments off now since I'm not in that down mood anymore :))