Fake strawberries

It smells like spring, and it feels like spring. It was so warm today that we left the windows open all day. The weather is so nice, and the sun shines so brightly, it's really hard to concentrate on work. The garden is covered with snowdrops and wild pansies. And, there were strawberries! on sale! at the supermarket. They looked so red and tempting, I bought two boxes. By the time they got home though, some were already bruised beyond repair. The rest? Hard and sour, or tasting moldy in an odd way.

I guess I have to wait a couple more months for the real thing.

felt-strawberrycake2.sidebar.jpgOn a brighter note though, this felt strawberry cake from etsy seller kenshop looks nearly good enough to eat.

I wonder if I am alone in finding comfort in imitation food when the real thing doesn't satisfy...

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