Saturday morning thoughts no. 1: Chicken poll results

Here are the results of the Chicken Poll posted earlier this week (go to that post for a nice graphic):

  • Total votes cast: 326
  • Almost half (48%) voted for "Free range, organically raised, happy chickens only". That's really heartening, though I think that Just Hungry readers may be more conscious of their food choices than the average consumer.
  • Approximately an equal number of people voted for "buying a reputable brand" and opting out of eating chicken altogether. (19% and 18% respectively).
  • 11% buy whatever is cheapest or on sale. I thought that this number might be higher, since chicken does have a reputation for being an inexpensive meat.

This is a very small sampling and is by no means scientific, but it was very interesting. Thank you to everyone who participated! The voting is now closed, but I've left the comments open if you would like to add your voice to the fray.

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